Simple Glamour: About Me

About Simple Glamour

Simple Glamour was founded in Early 2015 as a place to show everyone that even the simplest of things can still be glamourous. Since then, it has grown to included different aspects including DIYs, Family Life, Baking Adventures and Style Guides. It started as a creative outlet for me to showcase talents and the things I love most. My opinions are usually present because it is a personal blog but they are always true and always my own. Simple Glamour will continue to be a place that you will find weekend projects to do with the kids and quick baking tips for those last minute guests.

About Carmen

I am a twenty something year old full time mom, blogger and teacher. I reside in South Florida with my little munchkin. I love everything that I can create with my hands for friends and family. I also love dressing up just for the hell of it, even if I am just eating pizza on the couch and watching the football game. You will always either find me baking up a storm in my kitchen or cuddled up on the couch reading the newest issue of HGTV or InStyle magazine. I love to travel and would love to take my little girl on many adventures as the years go on. For now I work full time but hope to one day leave the corporate world and channel all my time and energy into Simple Glamour.

Thanks for the support!