Beauty Steals: Drugstore Facial Products

Beauty Steals: Drugstore Facial Products
Drugstore Facial Products On a Dime

I am always looking for new face creams that are great for my face but also do not break the bank. I use face cream twice a day. Once when I get up, before my makeup goes on and the second time at night once my face is clean and cleansed. Since I do this, I need a face cream that is going to give my face what it needs but that I can afford to continue getting once it runs out.

I have used my share of semi-expensive face creams and they have been great but it always hurts me when I have to buy it again three months down the road. I found a great water-based face cream from Lancome that was AMAZING but it lasted about three months and was close to $100. When I am on a budget, it does not quite work in my favor to continue to buy it.

Water-Based Drugstore Steal: Neutrogena Ultra-Hydrating Hydro Boost

Beauty Steals: Drugstore Facial Products

Thats when I found the drugstore version of it. Neutrogena came out with the Hydro Boost face cream that has the same type of water-based formula. It is perfect for before my makeup so it sinks right into my face and doesn’t leave that heavy feel.

I have also used a heavier based cream that I like to use at night. Since I do not put anything else on at night, I like it there to give me that sort of base so my face does not dry out as I am sleeping. I used Origins “A Perfect World” to give me that feel. But at around $50 a small container, it was time to find another cream that did about the same job.

Firming, SPF Face Cream Drugstore Steal: Garnier Skinactive Clearly Brighter

Beauty Steals: Drugstore Facial Products

This cream goes on like butter and it makes my skin truly look brighter and feel better. It does also act as a firmer and I am curious to see what continual use does to my face.

It is my first time actually using a cleansing system and I do not know why I did not do so earlier. The pores on my face feel better and feel really clean. I have heard the reviews from friends and other bloggers about the Clarisonic Cleansing System and how great it is, but I could not get myself to spend the $170 for a new system. I did some research and found the one I have now and it does the same job for a fraction of the price

Advanced Cleansing System Drugstore Steal: Olay Pro-X Advanced

Beauty Steals: Drugstore Facial Products

I first spotted this cleansing system in Good Housekeeping’s May issue. I did some research and when I saw the $37 price tag, I immediately said, “SOLD!” If you are in the market for a new face cleansing system, I HIGHLY recommend this one to you.

What are some of your favorite drugstore steals?

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