Making Christmas Bright with Starbucks Hot Cocoa + Giveaway

Even though it may not be all that cold outside, it is always a great tradition to drink hot cocoa by the tree. For the past few years, every time the holiday shop in Target starts showing up, I am the first to buy Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa mix. All I need is a glass of warm milk, not too hot, just enough to get it all mixed up and my marshmallows half melted. Add in two teaspoons of the mix and top with mini marshmallows and you’re set to enjoy the night. All I needed with me after that was a nice warm fireplace burning away but I’ll settle for the lights of my tree twinkling away and of course a Dolphin win today.

I recently went to Target and instantly fell in love with the Christmas mugs that they have. So of course, I had to add this adorable reindeer mug to my lovely mug collection. My favorite part of it is that the handle is large enough for me to put my whole hand in and hold it a little better. 

I cannot wait to celebrate Christmas with my family this year in our new house. It is going to be great celebrating and making new memories in our house with all of us together.

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