Merry Christmas: Holiday Wreath Cake

Holiday Wreath with Some Kisses

When I got the opportunity to mix kisses and M&Ms, I jumped on it! My two favorite chocolates mixed into one amazingly delicious cake. I used a classic chocolate cake recipe to get the base of the cake and put it all into a bundt pan to get the shape of a wreath. I chose this bundt pan instead of my regular one because it has more crevices to give more of a decorative shape to it. Then I used my favorite buttercream icing and a star tip to make it look floral-ish. I finished it off by topping it with some kisses and alternating red and green M&Ms on the bottom.

Now to give the chocolate cake a little bit extra, I put some mini marshmallows in a small crevice I made on the bottom of the cake before flipping it onto a white plate. This way, with every slice, there would be a gooey piece of heaven.

I picked up these gorgeous paper plates at Target for this Noche Buena and I am so glad I did. They are perfect!

What are you favorite desserts for Christmas Eve?

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