Small Details: Kitchen Cactus Plants

For the Love of Small Details

The one thing that I fell in love with when we first saw our home was the wide open kitchen with the sink looking out to the backyard. After that glance into my future life of watching my kids play in the yard as I drank an iced coffee, I was hooked. I had to have this home. And here we are, two months after moving in and I’m trying to make this kitchen stand out even more without breaking the bank.

I love to have kitchen plants, but worry with my curious cat. So when I saw how low maintenance and tough cactus looked, I knew that was the way to go. So after finding these cute cactus at Home Depot, al I had to was find a nice home for them to live in on my windowsill.

On my weekly trip to Michael’s, I found these cute concrete square pots and some filler rocks and I knew they would be the perfect match. Michael’s always seems to have exactly what I am looking for, exactly when I need it. Plus, its also great that the majority of the time, its 50-60% off! Can you say deal?!


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