Sweet Nothings

I have been really enjoying my vacation time to where I have not made time to work! Sorry guys! I really could see myself on a permanent vacation but then again, who doesn’t? If you have seen my social media, you have seen that I changed my hair and did an IKEA trip that my hubby is still a little sour about. He says we don’t have room in the car to bring everything back home, but I am sure I can make it all fit. He might just have to stay here a little longer. With that being said, here is what has inspired me this week..

To the DIYers, I love seeing different ways to use mason jars and this one might be my favorite!

To the last minute bakers, this Apple Fritter Monkey Bread is quick and easy for any get together, plus its SUPER delicious!

To the IKEA addicts (like me), have you seen their new Summer collection? Its so colorful and I left with half of it!

What has inspired you this week?

Image by: Boss Latina

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