Sweet Nothings

Let me tell you, coming back from a week vacation to work is not a fun thing to do. You get used to waking up when your body says to and then get slapped in the face by your 6a.m. alarm. Was not a happy person this week in the morning at all. But then again, who is in this situation? Ya nobody, that’s what I thought. Hopefully this weekend, I can hit up a new spot this weekend around town if the hubby does not pick up an extra shift at work. With that being said, here’s what has inspired me this week.

To the craft store goers, have you seen the doorbusters that Michaels¬†is having? I’m surprised my bank account hasn’t tried to shut me down.

To the beauty trenders on a budget, Sephora is having their members only said and I want it all!

To the pumpkin lovers, have you tried these Pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls? Can you say, what diet?

What has inspired you this week?

Image via: Boss Latina

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