Switch Up Your Cleansing Routine

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Just like when you are working out, it is always a good idea to switch up your beauty routine. This allows your skin to get a shock and continue to keep all toxins out and fight to protect your skin. Recently, I tried this with my beauty routine. I switched from a grainy cleaner from St. Ives to a smoother one from First Aid Beauty, which is more tuned to my combination skin. I then used the First Aid Beauty Purifying Red Clay Mask. I try to use a mask twice a week to get any of the extra toxins out. This also helps as a relaxant with a glass of wine and your television show or movie.

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If you’re like me, you will notice a change in your skin, i.e., breaking out. This will disappear in a couple days and you will notice that your skin has a new certain glow. This also helps with make-up and other facial creams. Keeping your skin from getting too used to a certain cream or cleaner can make it less prone to fighting off toxins and keeping your pores clean.

If you would like to switch up your beauty routine but do not know where to start, I recommend heading over to your local beauty advisors, like Ulta or Sephora. They have amazing skin professionals that will be able to point in the right direction of cleaners and creams that are perfect for your skin whether combination, dry or oily.

Stay beautiful!


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