Top 5 Favorite Cook Books of All-Time

Nothing gets me happier than trying a new recipe in the kitchen. I like to try a range of meals from slow cooker pot roast all the way to healthy baked chicken strips. But I always feel that my recipes are lacking in that flavor that I am trying to achieve. So, here is where the cookbooks from some of my favorite chefs come into play.

Top 5 Favorite Cook Books of All-Time

Whenever I make a recipe from their cookbooks, I can taste the difference between the flavors that I had and what they got me to make. And you know, all it took was a little extra in the dry seasonings department. I didn’t even need to add anything fattening or bad for any diet.

Even though I have embarked on a new eating journey with my 21 Day Fix from Beachbody, I still like to keep those recipes, like buttermilk fried chicken, on hand for a future cheat meal at home.

Top 5 Favorite Cook Books of All-Time

So here it is, the list of my all time favorite top 5 cookbooks:

  1. The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinnertime – This is where I will find those amazing home cooked and stomach satisfying recipes. Ree Drummond has such a way with comfort food that all I want to do is make every single recipe and enjoy all the flavors that she has to offer. This is my go to cheat meal cookbook. Because fried and battered don’t really mix well with healthy eating.
  2. Cravings – Again, as I mentioned before, mama loves herself some fried and carb loaded meals. Which is probably the biggest reason for me leaning more towards healthy eating for the majority of my meals. But with that aside, Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook is filled with heart warming recipes and have I mentioned that the pictures are a hoot! She definitely strays away from the traditional pictures of the meal on a plate and makes it her own, which I LOVE!
  3. Thug Kitchen – I bought this cookbook for a friend of mine who is a vegetarian and it is the best thing ever! This is straight from one of their editorial reviews, “As hilariously foul-mouthed as these motherf*ckers are, I really like their passion for eating the right food, for cutting to the chase, and for knocking up good, nutritious food from scratch.”
  4. Platters and Boards – Even though this is not a cookbook per say, I still like to use it for holiday parties and just general get togethers with friends and family. It shows you the perfect combinations and how to set the platters and boards together for an eye appealing presentation. For sure, a go to when entertaining.
  5. Magnolia Table – You all know that I am a HUGE Joanna Gaines/Fixer Upper fan so when she came out with a cookbook, you know it had to be added to my collection. Ya, I have a slight obsession with comfort food because that is what is enjoyed by families and that is what I have always enjoyed when the family was all together.

I am always looking for more cookbooks to add to my collection so if you guys have any suggestions, please comment with them below! Happy Cooking!


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