Why I Started Blogging

I started this blog about two years ago when I moved up to the Tampa Bay Area. It was a way for me to express everything I wanted to say and do. I also used it as a way to document the different activities that I did. Now that I am back home, I will still continue to pursue making this dream work for me along with my full time teaching position. Hopefully I will be able to juggle both and succeed!

I had always enjoyed how the simplest things in life could be the best things but I didn’t really experience it before my daughter was born. The first time I heard her call me Mom (ya, not mommy) I almost shed a little tear.

Now I use my blog as a way to show the simple ways of being and living a glamorous life. This blog is made up of DIY posts, baking posts, my food diary and just about everything else that happens in my life. Whenever I get a chance to try something new, I always make sure to document it and get it to you guys first!

How many of you have ever been interested in starting a blog? What’s stopping you from starting?

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